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February 8, 2017 5:45 pm

Evergreen content: SEO & Infographics

Guest submission by Gareth Bull at Bulldog SEO UK.

Infographics are great for SEO because of its capability to generate organic views through evergreen content. Evergreen content is defined as a piece of information that is maintained in a website for a long period of time without losing its timeliness. Infographics are able to compress and condense this information into short, presentable representations. Visitors who are able to understand this information would then share the infographic and the link to the website in their own social networking sites. This makes the web page an efficient source of hits even though the information was published months or even years before which is huge for traffic & SEO.

A great example of this, is an infographic we produced on our blog that is timeless and is still gaining natural links to this day.

Check it out below and any questions, drop them below and I’ll personally answer any.

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January 26, 2017 5:26 am

Graphic Design Business Ideas and Tips

As a business, Graphic Designing has no boundaries and the amount of revenue that can be generated through graphic design is unmatchable. However, it is not as easy as it sounds as the business of designing is about being creative. If you are able to come up with innovative ideas for your business, then you are going to be a successful graphic designer. In order to be a successful graphics designer, mastering the art is only the first step, to be successful, you have to think outside the box and not restrict yourself to just one form but keep your options open.

One of the first tips you can follow to improve your business is to offer video coverage alongside your graphic design business. Graphic designers are an integral part of video coverage as they are very helpful in creating montages and other similar stuff that can lead to better video production.

Leading on from video coverage, if as a designer you feel that you do not have the time to fully dedicate yourself to video coverage, you can always offer your editing services. As a graphic designer, video editing it will not be very hard for you to learn the art of video editing so you can add that to the services you provide.

Another important business idea that you can integrate into your graphic design business is to start developing children comic books. All that is needed from you is that you understand what kind of characters the children of your community are liking and then you can develop similar characters and come up with comics that can help you grow your business. There can be different angles involved to it. You can focus on creating an educational comic and then be able to sell it off to different schools as part of their program.

Graphic artists can also start to develop cartoons. If you are able to develop a successful cartoon character or series, it is guaranteed that you are going to be able to make a fortune off from it.

Another business idea that you can integrate into your services is to offer different kinds of training programs to people who are willing to learn. You have spent a reasonable amount of time learning the art of designing, so you can offer to teach it to others with different tutorials and programs.

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January 23, 2017 3:47 pm

How to Become a Good Real Estate Agent?

Everyone wants to be great at their work, and no matter what kind of work you are in, you need to learn how to do it as best as you can and truly be the best at it. If you are a real estate agent, than you are in luck, because here before you will find some tips that are going to show you how to be good at that work. So, read this up, follow these tips, and the results are guaranteed to follow.

The very first thing every good real estate agent needs to do is to get licensed. This is something that can be done rather easily, but only if you do it by the book. So, you first ought to research all the standards that you need to comply with if you wish to have this license, and then you need to get prepared for the real estate exam. A great way to get your name out there is to use a local recruiting agency, Keep in mind that this exam varies from country to country, so make sure you do some research on it before you take it. Then, you’ll need to register for the real estate exam, and then when you pass it, you ought to apply for the license as well as for the insurance. You are now a licensed and insured real estate agent, but this still does not mean you are great at your business.

The next step you need to take is creating a network. This is a key step for every real estate agent, and it starts by partnering up with a registered broker. After this, you will need to develop a list of contact, because what is a real estate agent if they have no one to call? It is also important to be everywhere you can, and the best way to achieve this is by creating a website, as well as social media accounts on both your name, as well as your company’s name. And finally, you need to start being (in case you weren’t before) an outgoing person who is nice and friendly to everyone they meet. This is a really important thing to remember!

After this, you’ll need to start marketing yourself, because what good are your skills if no one has ever heard of you. You can start doing this by establishing a clear schedule for prospecting. Every great man has had a plan beforehand, and make sure you are one of those! Then, market yourself by getting involved in your community; make sure you get involved in something you truly love, because that’ll be much easier for you, and the people will notice that you’re really happy being there. As we have already mentioned, internet is also really important for marketing, as is keeping connection with your previous clients. And lastly, for a good marketing, you need to know how to sell yourself to other people. Without this, you just can’t be a good real estate agent.

And at the end, one last piece of advice – never stop learning. Times are always changing, and you need to change with them; of course, for the better!

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January 23, 2017 5:27 am

5 Key Concepts to Consider in Designing a Logo

As a graphic designer, logo designing is an integral part of the services that are offered. And even though designing a logo does look like a simple task but that is not the case as designing a logo can get very tough. The logo you are going to designing is going to a recognizable symbol for the business you are making it for. So, therefore, the need to creative, original and the characteristic of standing out has to be a part of the elements that constitute your logo design. We have seen many famous logos including the Nike Swoosh and the half bitten apple design. But how did these designers come up with these iconic logos? Sure, they must have gotten lucky but there are some key elements of logo design that have to be a part of the thought process while designing a logo.

  1. Simplicity

As a designer, you have to keep in mind that most of the iconic and famous logos are not flashy at all. In fact, they are very simple yet elegant to look at. So as a logo designer you have to keep in mind that for a logo to stand out it has to be creative yet simple. It does not need to have many different colors or different typefaces. You have to keep in mind whether any objects are relatable to the business name or do you have to come up with the unique symbols to give the business an icon that is going to become its recognition symbol.

  1. Flexibility

In the current day and age, you have to display your logo on many different formats like signboards, business cards, website and many other. So as a logo designer you have to keep in mind all these factors before designing a logo. The logo has to be flexible to different conditions like being displayed in different colors. It has to be a vector so it can be used for different formats. The logo has to be flexible to being displayed in different sizes – it should be adjustable appropriately.

  1. Colors

It has to be understood that any logo designed should be usable in full colors. If a logo is not able to fulfill this requirement, then there is no point of having it. It is important that all logos are started off in black and white. Once you are able to develop a logo usable for both then you can start off adding different colors to it.

  1. Story Branding

For any good logo to be remembered, it has to be associated with the story of the business. This way it will become more memorable and also let the viewer know the identity of your business. The logo should allow the viewer to make the association to your business.

  1. Appealing for Ages

For any good logo to be appealing, it has to be appealing in a sense that it is timeless. There are four type of logos that have gone on throughout, and they are logotype, emblem, iconic representation, and iconic symbol and name pairing. You can avoid the use of colors and elements that are following a trend.

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January 21, 2017 9:30 pm

Graphic Design Trend: Duotone

There are many graphic design trends that have come and gone and have made a significant impact in terms of different ideas they have brought with them. In order for any business design to stand out through their brochures, logos, book covers or web sites – they have to come up with a unique design that is appealing to the people and has the ability to attract more clients. One of the most important factors of your designs standing out is color. Colors tones play an important role and are vital to the appeal you are trying to create. For the colors to stand out, the color tones that are integrated into your design have to be in alliance with the trends of today. Currently one of the major graphic designing trends is the use of duotone. The use of duotones has become very popular in recent time as it has brought a significant element of creativity to any design.

So what are duotones? As the name is pretty self-explanatory, the term duotone refers to the use of two colors. The term draws its origins from the early days of photography in the printing press. Initially, it had been used to develop a tonal reproduction from black and white photography. It was used to bring out the middle tones and the highlights of a photograph. In the initial stages, a dark color was used as a base and a lighter tone was used on top.

However, in the current world of design today, the duotone is being used everywhere. And the best part about it is that it can be created using any colors. It depends on how you want to use it, the design could be subtle or could be radiant or you might even decide to create an image that speaks loudly. It all depends on the type of colors you use and how you use them to display your message. It has been understood that duotones can significantly be used to create a design that is timeless and therefore campaigns can use this trend to create designs that are more stable and are supposed to last longer. It has a wide range of applications and different industries have been using this design concept according to their use.

So how can this duotone effect be generated? The best part about is that it is very simple and can be created using Photoshop. There is a tool called Gradient Map which can help you replace all the colors of any image but keeping in store, the contrast. By using the color bar, you can use different contrasting colors. The left scale is used for the color of the shadows, while the scale on the right-hand side is used for the color change of the highlights. An important tip to keep in mind is that while trying to create a duotone image, do not use random colors. But instead, try and relate the image and its mood to the color you want to use. This way you will be able to get better results and create an appealing image.


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March 2, 2015 11:46 am

Photobooths Can Make a Company Party Fun and Exciting

Photobooths nowadays are a fun and nostalgic sight. They are a throwback to the old times when camera phones hadn’t been invented, and people didn’t have the ability to take selfies. They have a retro feel to them and a kitsch factor. This is why they are such a big hit in corporate parties. They add levity and fun to the occasion.

A photo booth in this day and age, is equipped with various features. They don’t simply take instant photographs. Now, individuals have the option to select filters and effects when having their pictures taken inside of a photo booth. They can alter the colours of the photographs to make a set of sepia, black and white or coloured film strips. They can also add borders to their pictures and choose different types of colourful backdrops. In addition, personalized text can also be printed on the film strips.

Some of the newest innovations in photo booth services include a photo booth with a gif option, which is becoming all the rage in parties these days. In addition to having their photographs taken, individuals can create a gif from a few seconds of movement that has been captured from the photo booth. They can then upload this to their personal social media site or they can simply request a digital copy to take home as a souvenir.

Another hot trend in photo booth services is video recording. This allows party-goers to record a video clip of themselves while inside of the photo booth. Employees can leave thank you messages to their bosses or party organisers. This option can also be used to make fun video clips with friends.

Flipbooks have also become very popular. With this service, individuals get to play out a scene or even do a dance sequence while being filmed. These movements are captured by the camera, and then are printed out on a flipbook. The result is a beautiful, one of a kind keepsake.

The inclusion of props is also a big thing with photo booths. Funny hats, big eyeglasses, and wacky wigs add some sense of humour to the photo session. Props should be provided by the photo booth vendors as part of the service.

Photobooths are a wonderful way to spice up any party. Having a photo booth in a corporate event, whether it’s for an annual Christmas party or a team building gathering, makes this occasion more fun and memorable for both the employees and the management. Being inside a photo booth gives people who have to behave very seriously at work a chance to show their personality and playful side as they go for those wacky poses. It is a great way to create rapport with colleagues and build lasting, fun memories with co-workers.

Guest post by OMG! Entertainments, photo booth rental in Kent & the South East.

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December 30, 2014 5:58 pm

4 Benefits of Company Clothing with Branding

The effectiveness of the strategy employed in brand building is a determining factor not only in consumer response, but also in the prospective growth of a company. One cost-effective way of getting through consumers to get a company widely known is by providing company clothing inscribed with the company logo to the whole workforce. This has tremendous brand building benefits such as the following:

  • Achieve brand identity – One of the biggest challenges in business, especially if it is just starting out, is brand identity. One effective strategy in getting instant consumer awareness for a business is to provide company clothing with the company branding on it. Through visual branding elements of unique design, colors, and logos, consumer awareness is gradually achieved, until recognition becomes instantaneous through increased familiarity. Brand identity is very important in creating a distinct and lasting impression of a company, which in the long run, may turn into consumer trust and loyalty.
  • Build a reliable company image – Consumers generally associate branded items with higher quality. Thus, companies that provide brand-inscribed clothing for its employees generally receive improved perceptions from consumers such that when presented with items of identical qualities, consumers always choose the one bearing a brand. With this, and with consistent satisfactory product quality, the company could establish a highly reliable image among consumers.

Moreover, people tend to associate brand-inscribed company clothing with large, well-established companies, and this often translates to security and confidence in the company’s skills, authority, and professionalism. By seeing the company’s logos through the workforce in every point of interaction, the company establishes a centralized branding strategy, that, when coupled with courteous employees and excellent service, could firmly establish a sound, reliable image for the company.

  • Foster and improve company culture – Company clothing not only benefits the company’s external image, it also has an impact on the in-house workforce. It establishes an automatic dress code for all employees that foster belongingness and unity in the delivery and achievement of company objectives.
  • By having a workforce with high level of unity and team spirit, productivity is increased through harmonious interdepartmental interactions. Also, employees who wear brand-inscribed company clothing generally feel accountable in upholding company principles, and often strive to represent the company well.

Looking for a UK supplier of workwear, Logos 4 Polo’s look like the real deal with superb trust pilot reviews.

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December 30, 2014 1:26 pm

Top 5 Social Marketing Trends for Brands to Watch in 2015

New Year – 2015 is going to arrive (very soon!). There will be many changes in life, especially, online marketing. Check out the top 5 social marketing trends for brands to notice in 2015. The coming year is going to come; the promising success is waiting for you. Make sure you have a good plan for New Year. With a good plan, you can get everything done perfectly and easily. If you are running online business, you should focus more on these social marketing trends.

Trend 1: The increase in mobile world

People are likely to spend more time on mobile accessing social media sites that they like such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. According to statistics, many people are using mobile to access social sites regularly. This is a kind of habit that they cannot get rid of.

It will be better for marketers to prepare everything for 2015. They need to prepare from email marketing, blog marketing, fan page marketing and related online marketing strategies that can help them increase chance to get more success on new trend.

Trend 2: Trying to find more free social sites

Free social sites are going to charge people with some featured services. This is true that they need money to maintain the site. If you don’t prepare yourself well, you may lose some good websites. New free websites will be set up in 2015. Social websites are very important and can help website owners earn good money. Therefore, the number of old social sites will charge with featured services. In addition, the number of new social sites will be set up in 2015 with the goal of gaining profits for website owners.

Trend 3: People should focus more on Social Content

Social content will continue to play an important role in online marketing. However, make sure you understand the trends of change. Try to change old style to new style if you can. This will help you keep readers engaged on your website.

Solutions for marketers are that they should continue to build more content in their website. However, make sure that the content is interesting and useful to readers. In addition, try to build content in smart way if you can. Don’t just build content in normal ways because you can lose a good number of readers.

Trend 4: Research more video channels, not just YouTube

Try to find all video channels as much as possible. YouTube will not be the only video channel that visitors focus on. There will be more video channels in 2015. Currently, there are some good video channels like Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.

People will spend more time on different video channels. Therefore, marketers should prepare everything to overcome the obstacles in 2015.

Trend 5: Best social site that marketers should focus on

Marketers should spend more time researching the changes in Facebook. This will be the best way to keep their audiences addicted to their marketing strategies. Learning how to focus online marketing strategies with new looks and thoughts. The Lock Father, focus all of their attention on their Twitter and it seems to pay dividends, their a local company and they have nearly 2500 followers!

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December 22, 2014 12:03 pm

Why Freelancers Are Better Off Staying Away From Bidding Sites

As a freelancer, chances are you’ve stumbled upon freelance marketplaces or freelance bidding sites (examples: PPH, Freelancer) and perhaps even tried bidding in one. These sites are supposed to connect service providers to prospective buyers. Providers post their profiles while buyers post gigs. If you’re a freelance provider, you can compete against other freelancers by bidding against them on advertised gigs that you find appealing.

However, a successful freelance career should not be all about landing any gig, but the right gigs. These are the gigs that can help you reach your goals and propel your business further, and you cannot usually find them in bidding sites. Especially if you are just starting out, here are some reasons you should stay away from freelance marketplaces:

  • Stiff competition usually outweighs the available opportunities. – Yes, there may be lots of opportunities available, but you have to compete with other contractors that are 10x more than the open gigs. You are better off getting jobs from other means like optimizing your professional website to convince clients to work with you, and not someone else.
  • Better paying gigs for freelancers are not usually publicly advertised. – Rarely can you find high-paying gigs on bidding sites. This is because clients know that these sites are inhabited by a lot of unqualified and new freelancers. Sure, there are some professionals in there as well. But as soon as a decent gig is posted, it will immediately be flooded with bids even from unqualified freelancers, and sorting out through all the bids is not worth the buyer’s time.
  • You don’t get to enjoy the branding benefits that come with marketing. – The marketing efforts you do today will reap benefits in the future, but this will only be possible if you focus on building a platform and gaining recognition and visibility in your areas of specialization. If prospective clients are familiar with your work and name, they will seek you out and may even refer you to others.
  • You’ll encounter a lot of repeated ads and unrealistic demands. – Over the years, freelance marketplaces have become notorious for featuring downright absurd ads. Low budget buyers expect contractors to be satisfied with whatever little money they can offer, and expect to get a lot more from what they are willing to pay for.
  • It is never a smart move to market your services mostly on low rates. – To be competitive in a freelance bidding site, you are forced to downgrade your price. However, your time as a freelancer cannot be mass produced that you can afford to sell it for less than what you think it is worth. You only have a limited time to work on your clients’ projects.
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December 18, 2014 10:46 am

Managing Your Companies Reputation Online

Online reputation management (ORM) is a new business exercise that was created especially to target and help businesses within the online market. ORM works like this, the internet allows customers and employees both who may be extremely happy or alternatively very angry and annoyed, endless opportunities to discuss and highlight points regarding your company. We are unarguably thrilled to receive fantastic reviews from happy and satisfied customers, but we also need to expect the angry rants from irritated employees and customers alike.

We are all familiar with the power of social networks and popular go-to review sites, so if websites like this are able to take down large retail companies with complaints such as the recent event of Abercrombie & Fitch CEO, Mike Jeffries, who was seen blasting and criticising larger individuals and their clothing for years, and subsequently received an enormous backlash from online users. So what can these sites or a particular comment from one individual do to your business? Let’s take a look:

Step 1: Create a Strong Positive Brand Online

You don’t need to be hip or cool to be positive, but you do need to be out there making connections, updating websites, offering advice and maintaining your blog. The more good, relevant and positive information the Google gods have about your business and your brand, the safer it will be from lasting attack.

Step 2: Moderate Yourself Closely

It’s true, as the saying goes; ‘you can’t fight what you can’t see’. Make sure you are covering every aspect of your company online. A great way of achieving this is by setting up Google Alerts. This system allows you to see every time that you company name is mentioned. Yahoo Alerts also has a very similar so it would be wise to also set it up there.

Step 3: Face up to The Battle

Never let a complaint sit there online without a proper response. If a customer complains or ex-employees whines online and you don’t take action, others will read that response as confirming the problem. Even if that customer really did have terrible service from a now-fired employee that day, you must still respond.

When the complaint surfaces, address it first publicly so that any followers can see that you are handling the situation professionally. Then ask the poster to email or call you privately to finish discussing the situation. Assume that anything you say or offer will wind up back online, but at least you can protect your brand a bit this way.

Step 4: Understand Your Rights as a Business

The internet can seem like a very vast place for any sort of law to even stand or have purpose. Fortunately there are laws that govern what can and cannot be said online. Since the internet became more popular, and more established, Defamation lawsuits have become exceptional common due to online accusations and attacks. It’s fundamental that you understand the law and to also know your rights. In doing so, you will be prepared to respond to serious or even persistent threats against yourself and your business.

Nevertheless, it pays to be cautious when bringing up legal action when online. Never do it out of sheer anger or on a whim, your words online often stay online so you wouldn’t want to be quoted something you said in the heat of the moment. However, don’t be hesitant to call in professionals if a situations considerably worsens. You do not need to settle for someone trying to legally harm your business.

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December 9, 2014 2:12 pm

Speed Up: Mobile Website Load Time

It may come to a shock to many of you, but most individuals viewing this article are more than likely reading it on a mobile device. In the past four years the way we browse the internet and web pages alike has changed considerably. We never thought to ask if our website would need to be mobile friendly, or how fast a particular page would load on a mobile device, we never needed to. But with the quick pace of change and the higher amount of users viewing sites via mobile devices means that the way we structure and build our websites has to change.

Has Everyone Gone Mobile Mad?

Can you believe that in 2013 smartphone sales had quickly exceed those of personal computers for the first time in history? When you begin to contemplate that the analysis of these sales also included tablet computers (the likes of iPad, etc) this enormous shift in sales can be considered as truly remarkable. Nevertheless, the majority of development work that is done website companies is more than likely to have been done using a PC.

Could this potentially mean that there is a possible perception that individuals who use a PC to view web pages could be far more important to the current market? During the exact same year, there was a significantly high volume of website developers that followed the precept of Mobile First. Unsurprisingly to many, Google was one of the strongest advocates of this, and readily insisted that its developers should understand and follow the rule of Mobile First.

Mobile Devices Require Faster Download Speeds

Individuals who choose to browse a webpage using their mobile device are more than likely away from the comfort of their personal wi-fi and are outdoors and on the move. These individuals are more than likely not wanting to wait around for information and pages to load slowly. If a particular page takes far too long to load, then the user is more than likely to become frustrated and move on to a much more faster website. To lose a possible customer or user that you have successfully managed to attract to your website is extremely disheartening, especially if you have paid significant amounts of money in advertising or marketing to gain that individual in the first place. That is reason alone should be significant enough to demonstrate the importance of website development.

Google Search is to Give Priority Ranks to Fast Mobile Responsive Websites

We all undoubtedly saw it coming, Google has already hinted about changes in their search rankings regarding smartphone searches. At least they were kind enough to point out some mistakes that websites are making, so we all have a fair chance on redeveloping our websites accordingly. Nevertheless Google is constantly attempting to display results in search engine query reports, which are relevant to the search an individual has made and provide results that are most likely to satisfy the user.

Google continue to prevent users from clicking on a search result that may frustrate the user, such as providing incorrect information, or a site that is slow or entirely non-responsive. Google took site speed into consideration when it came to providing search results many years ago, and it appears that they will be advancing on this step further when it comes down to mobile searches.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Measuring the speed as to which a site downloads at on a PC is very straight forward and can be done with a variety of third party websites and programs. However when measuring website download speed for a mobile device, the issue becomes rather more complicated.

If you are fortunate to have Google Analytics linked into your website, then you will be glad to know that you can view the results on download speed of your website. Google provides a detailed guide on how to speed up your web pages, this information can be found in Googles PageSpeed Insights.

Mobile Website Download Speeds May Not Be Easy
Due to the vast array of different mobile devices, providing a satisfactory experience on each and every platform may not be as easy as we first thought. Luckily, Google offers recommended information to webmasters who are looking to provide their content in different (often optimized) formats for mobile device users. Google also offers exceptional advice on Responsive website design, which is their own personal and preferred approach for faster website downloads.

Posts to follow to speed up your website



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